Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grails 400 Retail Site Now Online

I haven't posted in months because I was developing a Grails-based retail web site I've been primarily developing Grails applications for the past 4 years now and I'm still impressed with Grails. This is the first retail site that I've developed -- all my prior sites have been internal, or business-to-business password based applications that I couldn't easily share. The back-end database is DB2/400 running on an iSeries/AS400 box. The application has some direct integration with RPG via stored procedures and data queues but otherwise it uses the Grails domain classes and GORM to work with the DB2/400 database.

If you are interested in Fitness, Bikes, Toys, Patio, or Table Tennis, check out

In future posts I plan to blog about issues I had in the development of this application that were elegantly solved with Groovy and/or Grails.


ushiday said...

It is a wonderful approach.

I love AS/400 and Groovy & Grails me too

aitor said...

How was dealing with the
as400 database? I'd love hearing about those issues... Perhaps in another post? Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Jon said...

I would also like to hear about your experiences. Especially dealing with data retrieval and id generation on the records.

Denoncourt's Blog said...

I will certainly post more AS400-specific Grails posts