Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grails custom

This really is a simple thing.... Now that I know how it works. But I was attempting to override the constraint validation messages in messages in In the past I've either simply modified the default message or created custom validators and completely new messages. But I just wanted to override the default messages. Several documents, posts, and blogs say to follow what the Grails docs say and use {className}.{attributeName}.{errorCode} and then provide a sample. But, the thing is, the {errorCode} is not obvious as it is not the same format as what's in the default message.

Here's the thing, my 2-second tip: the Grails documentation for the contraints ( show the error code to use. For example, for min:

Error Code: className.propertyName.min.notmet

I would have never guessed that in a million years (I did guess a few others though, which is probably why I spent a half-hour guessing at this one but. come on, "min.notmet?"

So, for my ShipTo class's shipToNo attribute I used:

shipTo.shipToNo.min.notmet=Ship-To number must be greater than or equal to {3}

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